Program Overview

It has been proven that children may begin limiting their vocational aspirations as early as elementary school. Even more troubling, many times low income children are not exposed to the wide range of professions available that would lead to breaking the cycle of poverty

Research indicates children who complete an elementary-based career awareness program experience higher academic achievement, and display improved personal and interpersonal skills.

What is VOICE?

Vocational Opportunities Inspiring Children in Elementary (VOICE) encourages elementary school age participants to explore six career paths through an interactive, hands-on experience. These six career paths are:

  • Arts and Communication

  • Business Management & Technology

  • Natural Resources & Agriculture

  • Human Services

  • Industrial & Engineering Technology

  • Health Services


The VOICE Experience

The VOICE experience lasts 60 to 180 minutes. Professionals representing each of the six career paths teach students about their chosen career, as well as reinforce the importance of education and positive life choices. Students learn through interactive activities designed to demonstrate a facet of each career path.

Voice at Home

The goal of the VOICE experience is for students to leave with the belief they can accomplish big things in their lives through hard work and positive choices. NECAC encourages students to continue discussion at home.


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