Energy Assistance Program

Program Overview

Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance is a one-time payment to utility companies on behalf of the participant to help offset the high cost of your main heating or cooling bill.

  • EA is available October - May.

Other Energy Assistance Programs

NECAC also administers privately funded emergency energy programs such as Dollar More, Dollar Help, Round-Up, Liberty Community Funds, United Way, FEMA, and others. Funds are limited and certain restrictions apply.

Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP)

Helps pay your energy bill when you have a termination or disconnect notice indicating a specific disconnect date, a final billing statement advising the account has been terminated, a propane-fuel oil tank is filled at less than 20% capacity, the customer is a cash on delivery (COD) customer, pre-paid electric customer indicates their pre-paid usage is about to run out, or when an applicant indicates another fuel source is about to fun out (Wood, corn pellets, kerosene). The amount of help you receive is based on the amount of bill with the energy provider.

  • Winter ECIP is available November—May based on funding. The maximum amount you could get is $800.

  • Summer ECIP is available June—September based on funding. The maximum amount you could get is $600.

More Information


NECAC, 815 Bus Hwy 61 N, Bowling Green MO 63334


(573) 324-0120

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