Board of Directors
Executive Board 22-23

NECAC is governed by a volunteer 36-member Board of Directors and managed by a full time President and Chief Executive Officer. The Board of Directors is composed of three representatives from each of the 12 counties served. Each county is represented by a Public Elected Official Representative, one Civic Interest Representative and one Low-Income Representative.

One-third of the board members are:

  • Public Elected Official Representative
  • Civic Interest Representative
  • Low-Income Representative

This organizational structure ensures local decision-making control  and accountability, as well as the ability to develop programs to  operate and set policy and administrative procedures to ensure the  needs of the dis-advantaged are met. The local board involvement  also ensures granting officials and tax-payers that program goals and requirements are achieved efficiently.


Executive Officers 

Mike Bridgins
St. Charles Co
Dan Page
President & CEO
Glenn Eagan
Shelby Co

Lowell Jackson
Ralls Co
Mickey Shipp
Macon Co
Curtissa Kerr-Hunter
Lincoln Co

Troy Dawkins
Shelby Co
Board Members - Public Elected Official (PEO), Civic Interest Representative (CIR), Low-Income Representative (LIR)
Lewis County
Travis Fleer - PEO
vacant - CIR
vacant - LIR
Monroe County
Mike Whelan - PEO
Jessica Chase - CIR
Harold Long - LIR
Randolph County
Sid Conklin - PEO
Lorna Miles - CIR
Mahala Dixson - LIR

Lincoln County
Matt Bass - PEO
Jerelyn Burkemper - CIR
Curtissa Kerr-Hunter - LIR
Montgomery County
Dave Teeter - PEO
Michael Dorlac - CIR
Carole Weeks - LIR
Shelby County
Glenn Eagan - PEO
Melissa Killen - CIR
Troy Dawkins - LIR

Macon County
Clarence Walker - PEO
Jean Jones - CIR
Mickey Shipp - LIR
Pike County
Tommy Wallace - PEO
Lori Smith - CIR
Curt Mitchell - LIR
St. Charles County
Mary Hutchison - PEO
Mike Bridgins - CIR
Diane Hileman - LIR

Marion County
David Lomax - PEO
Jim Miller - CIR
Roy Hark - LIR
Ralls County
John Lake - PEO
Lowell Jackson - CIR
Janet Hoyt - LIR
Warren County
Fred Vahle - PEO
Mary VanBibber - CIR
Angie Light - LIR