Self-Help Housing

Program Overview

In the Self-Help Housing Rehab program, the home­ owner performs the majority of the work on their home. NECAC's Self-Help Supervisor will provide instruction and guidance to the homeowner, so no experience is necessary. Family members and/or friends can also help with the work. Required tools are on loan to the homeowner at no cost.

Why Choose Self-Help Housing

  • It is likely that a homeowner could make more improvements to the home through the Self­Help program, because providing the labor themselves will save more money as compared to having a contractor do the work.

  • If the homeowner participates in the Self-Help program and applies for a Section S04 Loan or Grant through USDA-Rural Development, NECAC staff will assist in applying for that loan or grant at no cost to the homeowner.

Is program available for mobile or manufacture homes?

The program is not available for mobile homes, the site must be owned and structure must be on a permanent foundation.

Is the program available for renters?

The program is not available for renters. NECAC can assist renters through other funding sources. Contact your local NECAC County Service Center for assistance.

Where are the programs available?

NECAC's Self-Help Housing Rehabilitation program is available in the following counties: Lincoln, Marion, Monroe, Montgomery, Pike, Ralls, Shelby, and Warren.

What financing is available?

There are several sources of funding available for rehab projects including Grants, NECAC Weatherization, and Housing Preservation Grant.


How do I apply?

Self-Help Program

(573) 324-6622

Weatherization or Housing Preservation Grant