Home Rehabilitation

Program Overview

NECAC operates home rehabilitation pograms throughout the 12-county area. Services that may be provided include new roofs, heating systems, insulation and disabled-accessibility services.

Our Services

Home Repair Opportunity (HeRO)

Owner-Occupied homes through documentation including copy of warranty deed, current paid property tax receipt and proof of insurance. Have been occupied by the current owner-occupying homeowner for at least three years. Also property must be less than 10 acres. An appraisal will be performed on the property also. Maximum amount is $22,500 per property (includes appraisal, lead inspection, flood letter, final lead testing).

This grant will have a 3 year lien on the property. If prior to the expiration of this Agreement, the Property is sold or the house is foreclosed on, MHDC is to be repaid all of the funds used to repair, rehabilitate and/or reconstruct the property from the net proceeds of the sale or foreclosure of that house and if no such net proceeds are available, Owner shall be responsible for repayment directly to MHDC.

Housing Preservation Grant

A grant through Missouri Rural Development. It's available to repair or rehabilitate housing for low and very-low income homeowners. This grant is available in Lewis, Macon, Marion, Monroe, Montgomery, Pike, Ralls, Randolph and Shelby.

The Self Help Rehab Program is designed to assist in making minor and major home repairs to qualified homeowners who can perform the majority of the work on their home.


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